Services Available

Collectively we have over 25 years of field experience in community outreach and engagement that includes higher education administration, curriculum development, field-based research project facilitation, teaching and instruction at the high school, undergraduate and graduate school levels, corporate research and data analysis, academic coaching, youth mentoring and board member service to numerous community-based non-profit organizations.

Services that we offer include the following:

  1. Academic Program and Curriculum Assessment 
  2. Career Coaching (including academic guidance and mentor-ship for Middle School, High School, and College students)
  3. Health Awareness, Nutrition and Disease Prevention Education
  4. Program and Project Evaluation
  5. Data Preparation and Management
  6. Data Analysis and Interpretation
  7. Survey Development and Data Collection Training
  8. Media Development and Audio Visual Editing
  9. Student Classroom Management Techniques
  10. Development of After-School Programs